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Improve yourself and achieve your goals with FitKeeper, the best App for tracking fitness workouts. Hundreds of exercises to perform and clear graphics to measure your progress. Get results, and share them!

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What is FitKeeper

At FitKeeper we believe in the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and that the best way to achieve a healthful, attractive and functional body is weightlifting. To help you reach your goals, whether it is gaining muscle or burning fat, we have created a mobile App which will make you be able to record your workouts in a simple way and measure your progress through graphics to get better every day.

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Hundreds of exercises

And Add the ones you want!

Professional Routines

Designed by professionals for all levels

Intuitive Graphics

Measure your evolution, and make progress every day


Edit and add past workouts

Share your results

Show your effort in your Social Networks


Take a look to your latest workouts easily

Professional Routines

Whatever your level is, whether you are male or female, if you want to gain muscle or burn fat,

at FitKeeper we have routines for you. Designed and explained in detail by our experts.

FitKeeper fitness workout routines

Train your way

Free Training

Track the exercises you perform at the gym on the go.

My Workouts

Design your own workouts in advance. Be prepared to give it everything.


Gain muscle or burn fat with routines designed by professionals.

Fitness workouts types

Tracking and Statistics

To make progress it is important to take control of your workouts. Measure your evolution with FitKeeper graphs and become the best version of yourself.

Fitness workout statistics

Share your progress

Share a summary of your training on your social networks.

Show your results. Your effort.

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FitKeeper is now available for iOS and Android! Download it for free and enjoy the 10 days PRO version free trial.

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Every day we are closer to release the application that so many expected.